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Jewelry takes catwalk at Fashion Week

By Catherine Dayrit

New York—Jewelry has had a fine showing on the runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City so far this week, with fashion designers accessorizing their Spring 2009 collections with chunky, stacked bangles, statement necklaces and yellow gold designs.

Everyone from uptown designer Oscar de la Renta to downtown denizen Anna Sui is helping to keep the fire kindled under the statement-necklace trend. The former showed a massive coral necklace that swung all the way down to a model’s waist, while the latter showed bib-like beaded necklaces made up of a mélange of vibrant, earthy beads.

Rather than smooth, fine bracelets, designers such as 3.1 Phillip Lim and Marc Jacobs showed a penchant for chunky, stacked bangles.

But those with more streamlined tastes need not worry. Simple bracelets in yellow gold complemented chic, girl-about-town looks on the Tory Burch runway, and diamond drops and classic necklace and bracelet styles from Leviev brought major sparkle to Pamella Roland’s spring collection. It marked the third time that the diamond brand had partnered with Roland, with more than 750 carats on display at the Sept. 10 show.

Another designer jewelry brand on the runway was John Hardy, whose one-of-a-kind “Cinta” collection was handpicked by Monique Lhuillier to accessorize her spring collection of sweet chiffons and airy tulles. The John Hardy pieces she chose were seashell rings, pendants and cuffs handcrafted from vintage shells, sculpted in gold and set with colorful gems.


September 12th, 2008

China Gold Jewelry Demand Surges, Races Ahead of U.S. (Update3)

China Gold Jewelry Demand Surges, Races Ahead of U.S. (Update3)

Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) — China’s demand for gold jewelry may increase by about 20 percent this year as rising personal incomes help it to race ahead of the U.S. as the world’s second- biggest market, researcher GFMS Ltd. said.

Gold use in jewelry in China jumped 24 percent from a year earlier to 221 metric tons in the first nine months, GFMS analyst Veronica Han said by phone from Beijing yesterday, citing data compiled for the World Gold Council. That compares with 515 tons in India, the biggest consumer, and 165 tons in the U.S.

Increased jewelry purchases by consumers in China and India, the world’s fastest-growing major economies, may help to support the price of gold, which reached a 27-year high of $845.84 an ounce on Nov. 7 and is headed for its seventh annual gain.

“More economic development in China and a relatively higher savings ratio than that of India should in the long-term drive gold demand in China,” Stephan Schlatter, executive director for metals markets in Asia at UBS AG, said.

A stock market and property boom helped to boost disposable incomes among urban households in China by 13.2 percent in the first nine months of this year when adjusted for inflation. Retail sales rose by 18.1 percent in October from a year earlier, the fastest in eight years, the statistics bureau said Nov. 14.

“China is poised to become the world’s second largest jewelry market for gold this year, overtaking the United States and coming in No. 2 behind India,” Philip Klapwijk, executive chairman of GFMS, said by phone from Parati, Brazil. “I would expect it to grow further” in 2008, he added.

“Perfect Environment”

“We expect gold use in China this year to greatly exceed last year’s level, with rising standards of living and some policy changes to encourage gold holdings by the public,” Hou Huimin, vice president of the China Gold Association, said in an interview in early November. Hou didn’t give details.

Even “with less aggressive growth in the fourth quarter,” Chinese sales of gold are expected to increase by about 20 percent in 2007, GFMS’s Han said. The GFMS estimate of gold use in jewelry excludes supply from scrap.

China has boosted minimum wages, expanded welfare payments and reduced interest-income tax to fatten the wallets of the country’s 1.3 billion consumers, who have a growing taste for luxury items such as cars and jewelry.

“Upgrading of the retail environment and greater product varieties” helped gold demand, Klapwijk said. “The Year of the Pig also helped.” This year’s lunar New Year, the Year of the Golden Pig, is deemed auspicious for gold purchases.

“Almost everything has gone right for gold jewelry demand to pick up,” said Klapwijk. “You had a perfect environment.”

Slower Quarter

Chinese buyers have not been deterred by a 24 percent gain in gold prices this year as a slumping dollar and surging oil prices fueled demand for an alternative investment and hedge against inflation. Bullion for immediate delivery traded at $791.04 an ounce at 1:51 p.m. in Singapore today.

Higher prices have boosted shares of producers such as Barrick Gold Corp., Newmont Mining Corp. and Newcrest Mining Ltd.

“Our long-term view is positive on Chinese demand,” Klapwijk said. Still, growth of gold use in jewelry in the fourth quarter may slow, and the pace may also slacken next year if monetary policies aimed at curbing inflation reduce the rate of economic expansion, he said.

China’s economic growth may cool to 10.8 percent in 2008 from an estimated 11.4 percent this year as investment and export growth slows, economists from the State Information Center said.

China may continue to face inflationary pressure next year, and the central bank should raise key interest rates, according to a report published yesterday, which forecast inflation at 4.5 percent for 2008 from 4.7 percent this year.

Stock Market

A slowdown in major trading partners will have some impact on China, Klapwijk said. “Relying on the stock market to create a positive wealth effect and therefore pushing consumer spending still higher next year” might not last, he said.

China’s benchmark CSI 300 Index, which tracks yuan- denominated shares on China’s two exchanges, has more than doubled this year as the country’s households invest more of their $2.3 trillion of savings in equities.

The measure is currently down 18 percent from a record reached on Oct. 16, as the government has raised interest rates and ordered banks to set aside more money as reserves to rein in the growth in asset prices.

To contact the reporter on this story: Feiwen Rong in Shanghai at

December 5th, 2007

Jewelry firm IPO sparkles on debut

Jewelry firm IPO sparkles on debut
By Hui Ching-hoo (China Daily)
Updated: 2007-04-19 09:51

Hong Kong-based jeweler Noble Jewelry Holdings witnessed a fairly remarkable performance in its IPO debut on Tuesday, which bodes well for latecomers such as Country Garden and China CITIC Bank.

Shares of the jewelry producer began to trade in Hong Kong on Tuesday, just days ahead of the two mega IPOs. And on the first day of trading, they gained 6.67 per cent over the offer price to close at HK$1.6.

Noble gained 5.33 per cent to reach HK$1.58 in the opening session. The momentum continued in the afternoon, when the share peaked at HK$1.8, before finally settling at HK$1.6. Some 53.36 million shares changed hands, involving a transaction of HK$88.72 million.

The rally is in line with market expectations. Analysts attributed it to the general bullish sentiment.

CASH Asset Management Associated Director Patrick Yiu said the share’s performance was bolstered by the IPO frenzy. “Despite the Country Garden and China CITIC Bank IPOs taking in an enormous amount of capital, investors have appetite for more.”

Guangdong-based property company Country Garden will debut for trading on April 20. Over 650,000 Hong Kong residents applied for the shares, making the IPO the second all-time high behind ICBC, taking in HK$310 billion.

The public offer of CITIC Bank also received an overwhelming response. The margin financing quota of eight local securities houses had to be exercised fully in the first day of the public offer period.

Noble Jewelry sold 78 million shares to raise HK$78 million. Some 7.8 million shares were allocated for public offer. The offer price was set at the top of the indicative range of HK$1.5 per share.

The jeweler said the proceeds would be used to expand production facilities, overseas sales network and repay debt. The company’s net profit increased from HK$28.3 million to HK$48.5 million between 2004 and 2006, while the turnover increased over 50 per cent to HK$547 million in 2006.

The company forecast that it will achieve 16 per cent growth in net profit this year, reaching HK$56 million.

(China Daily 04/19/2007 page15)

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April 19th, 2007

TAIWAN: Newspaper says sorry to Chao over jewelry story

TAIWAN: Newspaper says sorry to Chao over jewelry story
Asia Pacific Media Network, CA

United Daily News published an apology to Chao Chien-ming for failing to verify the facts before accusing him of selling his jewelry

Taipei Times
Monday, August 21, 2006

By Ko Shu-ling

The Chinese-language United Daily News yesterday ran an apology for alleging that President Chen Shui-bian’s son-in-law, Chao Chien-ming had been selling his jewelry.

“We would like to apologize to Mr. Chao Chien-ming, Mr. Su Teh-jien and our readers for failing to verify the facts before running the story,” the statement said, which was printed on the paper’s front page yesterday at about the size of two stamps.

The apology came in the wake of comments made by Chao’s lawyer, Ku Li-hsiung, who said his client threatened to file a libel suit against the newspaper if the paper did not apologize by today.

The United Daily News published a story on its front page last Friday, quoting anonymous sources in the jewelry business as saying that Chao, indicted in a high-profile insider trading case, had sold a 13-carat diamond to a Hong Kong jewelry house.

The report claimed that Chao had asked Su to sell the NT$16 million (US$500,000) diamond at a lower price tag of NT$13 million after Chao was released on bail last month.

Chao bought the diamond from a jewelry store via a retired vice admiral before the insider-trading scandal broke, the report said, adding that the diamond was eventually sold for NT$6.8 million in Hong Kong.

Ku yesterday said that Chao was not completely happy with the apology, but that he found it acceptable.

Ku said that he would ask Chao not to press charges against the newspaper.

Date Posted: 8/21/2006

August 22nd, 2006

Investasi Berlian, Pilih yang Bersertifikat  

Investasi Berlian, Pilih yang Bersertifikat April 2006

Investasi banyak pilihan, terletak pada pilihan investor. Pilihan untuk investasi berlian menjadi favorit karena relatif aman dan harganya pun stabil dan terus meningkat. Selain itu, batu dengan keindahan tiada tara ini bisa untuk penampilan (fashion) dan koleksi.

Untuk berinvestasi berlian, ada berbagai yang bisa dilakukan. Pemilik Rose Diamond di Plaza Ambarrukmo Handoyo Mawardi menyarankan agar memilih berlian bersertifikat internasional. Berlian berser-tifikat biasanya berupa berlian lepas dan ada dalam sebuah kemasan yang memuat keterangan akan berlian.

“Selama berlian belum terlepas dari kemasan maka berlian akan mempunyai nilai jual yang tetap kerena termuat dalam daftar harga internasional. Akan sangat berbeda ketika menjual berlian yang sudah dalam bentuk perhiasan, penilaian menjadi subjektif,” katanya. 

Dilanjutkan Handoyo, untuk investasi harus memperhatikan jenis dan kualitas berlian. Biasanya untuk berlian bersertifikat sudah tercantum dengan jelas kualifikasi berlian. Namun, dikatakan Handoyo, tak ada salahnya untuk mengetahui kualitas berlian dan menjadi patokan berbelanja berlian.

Rumus empat C menjadi rumusan umum untuk memilih berlian, yaitu cutting (asahan), color (warna), clarity (efek pendar) dan carat. “Kualitas berlian sebenarnya ditentukan oleh cutting (asahan) yang biasanya dengan formula tertentu. Tetapi pada umumnya berbentuk bulat dan terdiri dari 58 facets untuk dapat merefleksikan cahaya,” katanya. 

Namun, diakui Handoyo, skala konsumen yang menggunakan berlian untuk investasi lebih kecil dibandingkan untuk fashion. “Jumlah konsumen yang benar-benar membeli perhiasan untuk investasi, biasanya mereka yang berasal dari kelompok menengah ke atas,” jelasnya. (***)-s.

April 21st, 2006

Produksi Emas Antam Drop 18,92 Persen

Produksi Emas Antam Drop 18,92 Persen
Selasa, 21 Mar 2006,

JAKARTA – Produksi emas PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam) tahun ini diperkirakan turun 18,92 persen akibat optimasi desain tambang emas Pongkor. Perseroan telah melakukan optimasi agar bisa menciptakan kondisi kerja yang aman, serta meningkatkan produktivitas. “Penambangan emas bawah tanah adalah kegiatan yang berbahaya dan sulit,” ujar Dirut Antam D. Aditya Sumanagara di Jakarta kemarin.

Antam saat ini tengah melakukan redesain untuk meningkatkan penguatan (reinforcement) dinding tambang yang lebih rapuh, serta memodifikasi urut-urutan penambangan. Langkah itu diharapkan dapat meningkatkan jumlah stope atau area penambangan bijih emas yang mengikuti arah urat emas dengan derajat kemiringan yang relatif datar

Aditya menjelaskan bahwa Antam juga akan mengkaji apakah deviasi (penyimpangan) kadar bijih yang ada disebabkan perubahan sifat geologis atau akibat adanya dilusi dari batuan samping (waste rock). Kajian ini akan ditindaklanjuti dengan implementasi antisipasinya di lapangan. Penambangan emas termasuk jenis pekerjaan yang berbahaya karena tidak pernah bisa diketahui apa yang akan dihadapi sampai kegiatan penambangan dilaksanakan. “Kami merasa perlu melakukan optimasi rencana yang ada untuk mengantisipasi kondisi dinding tambang yang lunak,” tukasnya.

Rencana tersebut diharapkan dapat meningkatkan tingkat produksi tanpa mengabaikan keselamatan karyawan. Redesain tersebut dilakukan untuk meningkatkan tingkat keselamatan kerja dalam pekerjaan di tambang. Dampaknya, terjadi penurunan jumlah stope yang menyebabkan penurunan produksi yang diperkirakan mencapai 18,92 persen. Pada 2005, produksi emas Antam turun 22 persen menjadi 2.911 kg. Sementara target produksi emas 2006 adalah 2.360 kg atau turun 18,92 persen

Untuk mengantisipasi penurunan penjualan emas, Antam berencana menaikkan volume penjualan bijih nikel saprolit dari 3,1 juta wmt menjadi 3,5 juta wmt, serta penjualan bijih bauksit dari 1,5 juta wmt menjadi 2 juta wmt. Pada 2006, Antam telah memperkirakan kenaikan pendapatan yang signifikan seiring meningkatnya penjualan nikel dengan beroperasinya pabrik FeNi III. Desain ulang tambang Pongkor merupakan salah satu langkah untuk mempertahankan emas dan perak sebagai komoditas utama Antam. “Strategi perusahaan untuk komoditas emas, di antaranya melalui peningkatan jumlah cadangan dan pendapatan melalui proyek patungan, akuisisi serta eksplorasi,” cetusnya. (wir)

March 22nd, 2006

Bekas Mes PT KEM Jadi Lahan Tambang Emas

Bekas Mes PT KEM Jadi Lahan Tambang Emas
Digarap Masyarakat, Kerjasama Pemkab dan PT KEM
Sabtu, 25 Februari 2006/

SENDAWAR- Penambangan emas di lokasi PT Kelian Equatorial Mining (KEM) Kampung Tutung Kecamatan Linggang Bigung, Kutai Barat (kubar) kini dibuka lagi. Hanya saja, penambangan pasca tutupnya produksi emas PT KEM sejak tahun 2002 lalu itu, berskala kecil saja.

Kepala Dinas Pertambangan dan Lingkungan Hidup Kubar Drs A Wahyudinata mengatakan, penambangan emas skala kecil ini dilakukan masyarakat bekerjasama antara Pemkab Kubar dan PT KEM sendiri. Cara ini, sudah tertuang dalam kesepakatan Komite Pengarah Penutupan Tambang, yang terlibat oleh tiga unsur tadi. “Diperkirakan penambangan emas ini paling lama hanya satu tahun sudah berakhir. Dan hasil tambang emasnya utnuk masyarakat sendiri,” sebut Wahyudinata kepada Kaltim Post, ditanya kondisi tambang PT KEM pacsa tutup di Kubar itu, kemarin.

Ia menjelaskan, penambangan emas skala kecil, yakni emas yang didapatkan diyakinkan tidak layak untuk penambangan oleh PT KEM yang menggunakan alat berat. Melainkan tambang dimaksud menggunakan peralatan sederhana karena butiran emasnya sedikit. Dan lokasi penambangannya pun buka di lokasi tambang PT KEM yang kini sudah ditutup, melainkan di lahan bekas mes (asrama karyawan PT KEM) sejak pengakhiran tambang bangunannya sudah dibongkar. “Jadi lokasi tambangnya itu di tanah sekitar beberapa meter sepanjang alur sungai Kelian. Atau bekas bangunan mes karyawan PT KEM dan tidak juga begitu luas lahannya,” terangnya. Kenapa lahan ini dilakukan penambangan? Alasannya, sesuai kesepakatan melalui tim yang tergabung di komite pengarah penutupan tambang agar lahan ini dibersihkan dari tambang emas. Jika masih ada, dikhawatirkan akan menjadi lahan tambang rakyat yang mengarah kepada kerusakan alam. “Karena lahan ini, sudah menjadi kewajiban PT KEM untuk menghijaukan kembali dengan menatanya menjadi lahan basah dan hutan lindung, setelah dilakukan penambangan ini,” katanya. Lebih lanjut dikatakannya, pengembalian lahan gundul akibat aktivitas tambang menjadi hutan lindung ini, sudah menjadi kewajiban PT KEM sesuai dengan kontrak karya.

Penjelasan Wahyudinata ini dibenarkan Superintendent External Relations PT KEM Bahtiar Effendi, ketika dihubungi terpisah tentang aktivitas PT KEM saat ini. “Penjelasan oleh pak Wahyu (Wahyudinata) sudah benar,” kata Bahtiar. Namun untuk menjelaskan lebih lanjut hal tersebut, ia menolak memberikan keterangan lebih lanjut. “Coba hubungi Yudi Cahyana (Manager Site Administrasi dan External Relations PT KEM), saja. Beliau lebih mengetahui,” pintanya kepada wartawan media ini. Namun upaya mengonfirmasi hal tersebut belum berhasil. (rud)

February 27th, 2006

Tips Memilih Berlian Berdasarkan Tehnik 4C (Carat)

Tips Memilih Berlian Berdasarkan Tehnik 4C (Carat)

Pada bagian terakhir artikel ini, kita akan mempelajari point ke 4 yang tidak kalah penting dengan cut, clarity dan colour yaitu ‘karat’. Batu berlian dijual berdasarkan berat yang diukur dalam satuan ‘karat’. Karena berlian adalah batu yang sangat berharga, pengukuran ini dilakukan dengan teliti, tepat dan akurat. Satu karat setara dengan 0.2 gram / 200 mg atau 1/5 gram, yang terbagi menjadi 100 poin. Jadi sebuah berlian 0.50 karat disebut juga sebagai berlian 0.50-pointer.

Harga akan meningkat seiring besarnya ukuran dari batu berlian yang dimiliki. Karena berlian berukuran besar sangat jarang ditemukan, harga per karatnya pun menjadi lebih tinggi dibanding dengan batu berharga lainnya. Sebagai contoh, satu berlian bernilai 2 karat akan jauh lebih berharga dibanding dua berlian bernilai 1 karat.
Pada perhiasan dengan lebih dari satu berlian, istilah ‘karat’ dideskripsikan sebagai total berat karat (TW). TW ini adalah gabungan berat dari semua batu di dalam perhiasan tersebut.
Karena berlian model round brilliant sudah mengikuti standar yang tepat, kita dapat membuat estimasi/perkiraan nilai karat berlian dari diameter batu tersebut. Tabel di bawah, menggambarkan perbandingan ukuran batu yang bervariasi dan taksiran nilai karatnya. Metode ini tidak dapat dilakukan terhadap model potongan berlian lain yang lebih tebal atau tipis atau juga terhadap batu warna yang memiliki kepadatan yang berbeda dengan berlian. 

Penting untuk Anda, bahwa mengetahui kualitas berlian hanya berdasarkan karat adalah tidak berarti, karena potongan (cut), kejelasan (clarity) dan warna (colour) berlian patut dipertimbangkan untuk dapat memilih berlian yang berkualitas. Selamat meneliti berlian Anda.

February 23rd, 2006


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